Paramour Du Jour (star_69) wrote,
Paramour Du Jour

Back Home, Off The Run....


'There were moments. MCR came on (the first time I EVER heard them played there)
and I was in the toilet -a bit drunk- and started flapping my arms about and shouting 'OMG KIRSTY', who wasn't actually there
and start running for the door and Kirst starts running in the door as I was running out and she's saying 'OMG GEM'
and we then run out and go 'OMG PEOPLE!' and the people just looked at us. I got a bit mad and choked up and I dunno why.
There was a teary moment but I was so drunk that was only natural.

At kirsty's and just remember lying in bed in the early hours 'kev? bev?' for ages and cracking up.
Oh, and talking about pub aquaintances making a guilty penis floppy or something.

She's away at the moment and I miss her like a crazy, but I found this and it cheered me up no end. Luff you K-bean. xx
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