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This Is Over My Head, But Underneath My Feet... Cause By Tomorrow Morning I'll Have This Thing Beat.

Its about half three in the morning and im sitting in bed drinking Lemsip. Why cant i ever just get a cold? Its always the coughing, sore throat, prickly skin, headache, throwing up, stomache ache variety! Guh.
Although i should be pretty proud of myself... In two years i have only had a half day off sick. And that was when i had that food poisening and was literally throwing up parts of my intestines on the hour, every hour. But alas, the rate this is going i may have to make it one-and-a-half days off!
Other than that things have been pretty good. At slimming world i have been loosing more inches than pounds due to excercise, and on friday i bought a size smaller in jeans! AND i wore them all day yesterday AND i kept having to pull them up, cause they are so loose! I thought it might have just been those jeans so i tried on some others... Same thing! Its really pleasing but i honestly dont see much difference myself and that makes me really... Down. And then i convince myselfs the shops are just being more generous with their sizes. Being a woman sucks.
Had some good nights out last week and i really hope i feel well enough to do the same this week.
Hmmm, what else? Oh! Dave and I are going to Disneyland Paris in november for 4 days. I cant wait, we will be staying in a lovely hotel and im overexited about being in such proximity to that much duty-free AND that much Disney! I was supposed to go there in year 10(i think!) but our coach broke down at about 2am at Thurrock Services and thats as far as we got. Shitty coach, shitty school... Never did get my money back!

Oh well, time for me to try and sleep. The irony is that in an hour two of my most favourite people will be getting up to embark on The Early Shift. I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.
Laters dudes and dudettes. X
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