Paramour Du Jour (star_69) wrote,
Paramour Du Jour

Jump When They Tell Us They Want To See Jumping? Fuck That! I Wanna See Some Fist Pumping...

Tonight was a bit good really. I have my fixed car back and im very happy. Went to see Kirst and took her to a work meal in Hodd, stopped in to see my Dave and then went home. Will phoned and came round so we sat outside and had a chat about life. When things in my sad little world are all over the place its nice to know he will always listen. I dont often say this because his ego really doesnt need any help, but he is one of my best friends and i really do appreciate him and the way he Keeps It Reel.
He is also house trained, has great taste in shoes and a GSOH. Any takers?

In other news, Ohio is for Losers, sorry.
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