Paramour Du Jour (star_69) wrote,
Paramour Du Jour

I Thought I Loved You - But It Was Just How You Looked In The Light...

Perfect weekend in many ways. Kokos' on saturday almost didnt happen but im so glad it did. Feel so much happier in a lot of respects due to the people and events of saturday. And i now feel like im doing right by a few important people. Got in bout 8.30am went to sleep. Got up lunchtime, had shower and played Daves ps2. Im getting pretty good at tony hawks now, lol. Later we went to see Music and Lyrics which was surprisingly good, and then we went to something to eat. When we got in we were so tired we went straight to sleep again, lol. But it was the best and most balanced weekend we have had for a while. Stayed in last night, saw dave tonight. Seeing le Kirst tomorrow and going to see Icarus Tide on thursday. Anyone who is not busy should come down to the Square. They are honestly a fantastic band and not just people we know. Anywho im tired and Frank, our very large stuffed beagle toy looks far to comfy to not fall asleep on. Oh! Belated birthday shout out to hannah_honey - hope you feel better soon hon, and the second i get near a real computer i will add your new journal. X
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