Paramour Du Jour (star_69) wrote,
Paramour Du Jour

Sorry You're Not A Winner...

Uh. The last couple of days have been rife (rife i say!) with arguements between Dave and I. Sometimes its me, sometimes its him. And then bang, its like everythings perfect again. Its like we both have split personality disorder (which is not the same as schizophrenia, fyi. I guarantee i spelled that wrong but thats besides the point im eventually getting to. One day.) Yes so its all down to some kind of disorder and not me being a moaning fishwife. Ha ha, fishwife.


But yes, tomorrow is Valentines Day. We have no official plans, but later me and kirst are going valentines shopping. I feel like a motherfucking sellout.
Last night was actually really good. Dave and i went to look at a flat (a flat!!), and ok so we did not actuall go in, but thats not the real point here, is it. I, er... Wrote the phone number down though. Progress. We then went to Hambury Manor to look around (scotland is looking like a no go for anniversary, so we are thinking closer to home). We went pub with Jonny and Kirst, played pool, k and i had two impromptu bottles of wine and got a bit pished. Other people showed up like Crag and ryan etc. Got in about 12. Stayed at daves. Got up at five. Talked to willay for far too long considering it was mostly before six. Six AM. I want to go out and enjoy the sun. Loves to you all. X x
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