Paramour Du Jour (star_69) wrote,
Paramour Du Jour

I Used To Waste My Time Dreaming Of Being Alive (Now I Only Waste It Dreaming Of You...)

...Turn Off The Lights, And Turn Off The Shyness, Cause All The Moves Make Up For The Silence.
And Oh, The Way, Your Makeup Stains My Pillowcase, Like I'll Never Be The Same.

About the only thing worth telling atm is that i had to take my brother to a&e on sunday night because his eye had got infected and swollen to tennis ball size and he has been in hospital ever since. He has Orbital Sinitus, whatever the fuck that is. On my way back to daves, i was on the 414 on the dark bit and suddenly this person was in the road 10ft in front of me. I did an emergency stop (luckily it was late and no other bugger was on the road), but i was doing 80 and should of hit this person. So there i am, all but stopped, looking around and theres nothing there. No one at all, for as far as i can see all around me. I didnt hit this person. But i should have. Im getting a bit hysterical now. Theres no one there, but i SAW someone. Not a shadow, not an animal, but a person. And now theres not. I ring the mother and start crying (wtf?) cause half of me is thinking i could have fucking killed someone and the other half of me is wondering if i have lost my mind because this person has disappeared in like a second. I sound mad, but i swear someone was there. Shit, they were so close, i couldnt have been wrong. But i dont know. Im not a loony, i dont see things that arent there, i dont see ghosts or apperitions... But it was a clear night. No rain, mist, fog. I was of sound mind. Wearing my glasses. Full beams on... And it was a god damn person. So i guess i cant explain it.
Just a day in the life, eh? Lol. X
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