Paramour Du Jour (star_69) wrote,
Paramour Du Jour

Don't Worry 'Bout Regret Or Guilt, 'Cause I Never Knew Your Name...

Happy New Year people.

The last couple of weeks have not been fantastic. First, on crimbo eve morning i blew my tyre on a rogue curb, but i fucked the ball joints too, meaning my car has been out of action since, while i wait for loui loui to get it done. Paid for a new wheel and had to save the money i had on me to get the work done, so i have been in the poor house. Christmas was ok. Boxing day was ok. Worked on wednesday, thurs and friday. New years eve was gonna be excellent, but it didnt quite work out that way. Still a bit irked with the way things turned out. But i ended up with just dave, which i guess could have been a lot worse. Could have been as bad as last year (rye house) or year before (sailsbury, then paul. *shudder*). Ha ha, so i guess i should just accept that me and new year go together like anchovies and bananas. This week at work has been über slow, which doesnt bode well for my pay packet tonight. I have been irritable and 'withdrawn' lately, apparently. Probably just dont like relying on dave for everything this last week. I like my car, my independence... Oh and i cant threaten to walk off when dave would have to drop me home. Lol. Im tired and grumpy, yes. And perpetually cold and knackered but its just early mornings + dark + winter. Im eating properly now though. In all honesty, before christmas i decided i was sick of myself and started not eating. I mean i would have something if i was at daves but it was usually just junky. But i ate practically nothing all day. Then crap when i was at home. First off, it got my immune system low and made me tired. Secondly it didnt achieve the desired effect, as eating in the evening is the worst time, plus eating a small amount of junk has more calories than a full day of balanced meals. So yeah, shitty. But im hoping eating better will make me feel better, even if thats all it does. Erm i think that marks the end of my post. Hope you are all doing well. X
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